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$25,000 37.06 ha
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Land for Sale Via sin nombre, Cordoba, Travesia. Photo#1
Land for Sale Via sin nombre, Cordoba, Travesia. Photo#2
Land for Sale Via sin nombre, Cordoba, Travesia. Photo#3
Land for Sale Via sin nombre, Cordoba, Travesia. Photo#4
Land for Sale Via sin nombre, Cordoba, Travesia. Photo#5
Property Location
San Javier Department
Cordoba Province
Property Description

** 25000USD for 1/2 Hectare - 1 Hectare 35000USD - Options for more. Ask for details ** Land Use: Mixed: Commercial / recreational or residential. Sol de Luyaba, Córdoba, Argentina. A marvelous place on Earth. Immerse yourself in nature with our spacious 5000m2 or 10000m2 plots, which contribute to reactivating the biodiversity of the area. We present a new approach to life; Sol de Luyaba offers an extraordinary place to live in perfect harmony with nature. Region blessed by a dry and gentle microclimate that allows us to enjoy moderate temperatures throughout the year. Mild summers, luminous autumns, tranquil winters, and stimulating springs. Valley of fertile lands that gifts us vineyards, orchards, and organic fruits with aromas, flavors, and vibrant colors, awakening our senses. Perfect corner of the planet to carry out a sustainable project, in harmony with an exceptional nature. LOCATION San Javier Department, Córdoba, Argentina. 209 km from the city of Córdoba, 37 km from Villa Dolores and 34 km from Merlo. 4 km from Route 148 and 6 km from Route14. 31.7 km from Valle de Conlara International Airport, Province of San Luis. SOIL 35 hectares of natural forest in a valley protected by the Cordoba mountain range, at the foot of Mount Champaquí. Native and autochthonous forest. Carob trees and other species. Perfect area for high quality vineyards, fruit trees, medicinal plants and other species. Leveled ground. Sandy loam soil, soft, easy to plow. WATER Located above an inexhaustible aquifer. Groundwater phreatic level 35 meters. Approximate water flow for a 4-inch well and 50 meters deep: 10,000 liters/hour. Water of excellent quality. Bacteriological, physical and chemical report. PARCELS 1 hectare or 1/2 hectare plots. Submission of plans at the municipality. Main entrance, access roads, roundabout, and boundary marking. Water well drilling, solar pump installation, solar panels and storage tanks placement, trenching, laying hoses, and gates installation for each plot. As for recreational activities, the area offers options such as cycling, trekking or hiking with ascents to Mount Champaquí. You can also enjoy activities such as mountain biking or horseback riding. For photography enthusiasts, there is the possibility of bird watching and photographic safaris. Additionally, those interested in scientific tourism can participate in astronomical observations.

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Land for Sale
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37.06 ha
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Land for Sale Via sin nombre, Cordoba, Travesia, San Javier Department, Cordoba Province, Argentina

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