Today's top 10 international properties

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Land for Sale
$24K17.95 are
3👁 0👍
House for Sale
$26K94 m2
lot: 7.08 are
3👁 0👍
Land for Sale
$4K3.53 are
3👁 0👍
Apartments for Sale
$490K70 m2
Year Built: 2021
3👁 0👍
Apartments for Rent
$200/mo35 m2
Year Built: 2018
2👁 0👍
Land for Sale
$6506.76 are
2👁 0👍
House for Sale
$610K195 m2
lot: 18.85 are
2👁 0👍
House for Sale
$110K152 m2
lot: 7.91 are
2👁 0👍
House for Sale
$25K75 m2
lot: 17.75 are
2👁 0👍
Land for Sale
$25K17.93 are
2👁 0👍

Welcome to International Real Estate Free Property Listings!

The core goal of our International Real Estate website is to provide the easiest way to list your property to be available for buyers worldwide. Advanced map search allows you to tune parameters to find all listed international property or local property. Switching the map into satellite mode provides a natural land view and gives a better feeling of the selected area, house location, and land lot dimensions.

You don't need area zip code or any address typing-in to start a map based search. You have the whole world-map to your service. Simply drag the map to the desired location, zoom-in and see all available listed properties for sale locally and internationally.

No more guessing if that particular property is still on the market. Our International Real Estate website always shows available homes, apartments, and land for sale or rent. The only source of international or local properties are direct sellers: owners, realtors, or agents.

Detailed information on each listed home for sale includes map location image with lot borders, house, apartment or land lot photos, facts and views stats. Sellers are free to add any additional details not covered by common fields if necessary.

International capabilities of our free property listing website may attract not only the local property sellers but also make it easy for buyers from all around the world to find any listed property. International property sellers that are focused on foreign markets should not miss this opportunity!

Our service provides the complete information on listed real estate properties. All listed properties comes with all required information like a valid location on the map of any house, apartment or a land lot, property images and facts. All listed property ads are reviewed manually by our moderators to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the provided information.

Is it a home for sale, apartment, or a land lot, is it located in America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, or on any island – it can be listed and found with Landelity - International Real Estate website with Free Property Listings!

International Property land lot boundaries

Real land lot borders for all listed properties

When you're looking for any home for sale or rent on any International Real Estate website it is always important not only where the house is located but also how the land lot looks like.

Every property that sellers list with our map based property listing website has defined lot/parcel borders that you can see by zooming in. Map Search

How to post international property ad for sale video

How to list any international or local property for free

This short video demonstrates how easily your property for sale can be listed on our website for free to be available to international and local buyers.

The video starts with the pretty straightforward SignIn process which only requires your email or social login. Then you'll need to fill in your new account details by choosing the user name and contact information. After that you are ready to post your property for sale ad by providing detailed information, images and location on the map.

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