Land for Sale Galaha, Belwood Rd

$700,000 2.72 ha
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Property Location
Central Province
Sri Lanka
Property Description

This is 12 acres of beautiful Tea land located at the central Province of Srilanka, the land is part of a Tea Estate named Belwood Estate its located just 2 km from the GALAHA town, joining to the DELTOTA road, to be more precise the land is located Just few meters from from the GALAHA Arts collage on the same road, The Coordinates are Exactly (7.210724 N and 80.682902 E). This land was nourished with pure A grade Tea crops few years before, but since then there were no cultivation happened, so now the land looks almost like a bare land the existing Tea crops and some valuable trees like OAK tree, Banyan Tree,pine tree,Turpentine tree etc..still remains on this land its looks greenish like a rain forest. This land is considered to be golden land for cultivation, where as the soil is enriched with all necessary minerals and nutrition's for the growth of any vegetables, or either it can be used for Cinnamon,Ginger cultivation. The Land is surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere, a view of nice mountains and nice scenery, you can even view the entire town from the top of the land, so its considered to be a very good place for tourism or for some tourist resort or for an hotel, where has so many tourist visit this place because of the cultural collage located few yards from the land. All need utilities are available like water, electricity and also there is a decent Road, for even large vehicle to travel. This land is considered to be a highly demanded land because of the location its situated. The selling price will be 700000$ and but its still negotiable.

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Land for Sale by Owner
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Lot Area
2.72 ha
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2 months ago
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giri subramaniam
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Land for Sale Belwood Rd, Galaha, Kandy, Central Province, Sri Lanka

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