Single Family Home for Sale Saint-Bonnet-le-Chastel, Grande Rue

$240,000 720 m2
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Single Family Home for Sale 49 Grande Rue. Photo#1
Single Family Home for Sale 49 Grande Rue. Photo#2
Single Family Home for Sale 49 Grande Rue. Photo#3
Single Family Home for Sale 49 Grande Rue. Photo#4
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Property Location
49 Grande Rue, 63630 Saint-Bonnet-le-Chastel, Saint-Bonnet-le-Chastel, Puy-de-Dome, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France
Le Bourg, 51 Grande Rue, 46 Grande Rue, 53-37 D300, 63630 Fayet-Ronaye, Canton des Monts du Livradois, Arrondissement d'Ambert
Property Description

Let me introduce myself, I am a beautiful, large house dating from the first half of the 19th century. In spite of my age, I remain very attractive, charming and full of character with many years left to share and live with you. I am situated in the « Livradois Forez parc » in the beautiful region of Auvergne (France) in the heart of the small dynamic and relaxing village of St Bonnet le Chastel, about 25 kms from Ambert. I am an imposing building but with charming particularities… I was born as an old « Coach House » welcoming hundreds of horses, servants and clients from another era. I, then became a popular hotel-restaurant where local mariages and village « fête » were held during the 20th century. Then, from 2003 to nowadays, Peter and Laurette, my present owners, have given me all their love and attention. Today, they have other dreams and this is why they have decided to put me up for adoption. These years have been rich and happy in the life of a B&B. I have seen people from different horizons who I have welcomed and looked after caringly. I have seven beautiful and luminous bedrooms, some of them with en suite bathrooms, a 44 m2 cosy front room, a very original kitchen and a large family dining room of 43 m2 leading you in the garden. As you can see, I have a very large welcoming capacity for your family or projects. I would love to keep on being loved and maintained by motivated and ambitious people to help my potential, shine and live through many more years to come. I am lucky to be well surrounded by a large ground of 3600m2 with mature trees, a vegetable garden, a small dipping pool as well as plenty of places to relax. For any handymen, collectors or people simply lacking space, I have an authentic large barn where you can shelter your vehicles or any precious belongings of yours. If you are a craftsman, an artist or other, I can also offer you a workshop where you will be able to express your creativity and realise your wildest dreams. My loft is large with a very impressive framework where you can let your imagination run wild to convert it in the maddest habitable space ever. You can well imagine that in spite of my beauty, at my age, I still need to be looked after, with maintaining and renovation work to guarantee that we spend as much time as possible together in the most comfortable way. This is to say that If I am ready to welcome you, in return you must also be willing to take care of me, as I have loads of potential to offer you. If this potential adoption generates an interest for yourselves, I give you my trust by giving you the details of my actual family who is willing to answer any questions you may have. Laurette and Peter Eggleton (Le Relais de la Diligence) Tel : 0033 (0)689655030 Mail : Adoption fees : 220 000€ 280m2 habitable 440m2 adjoining buildings

Property Info
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Single Family Home for Sale by Owner
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Property Type
Single Family Home
Total Area
720 m2
Lot Area
36.51 are
Year Built
Last Update
10 days ago
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