Single Family Home for Sale Nong Kaeo, Tambon Nong Kaeo

$2,500,000 2,000 m2
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Property Location
Tambon Nong Kaeo, Amphoe Hang Dong, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50230, Nong Kaeo, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chiang Mai 50230, Khun Khong
Property Description

Villa Longan is a true Lanna style resort, built with termite resistant teak wood and stylishly furnished with teak wood furniture. Each of the guest rooms has a flat screen TV, double bed, wardrobe and seating. The bedrooms all have en-suite bathrooms with a shower, some also have a bath. Despite the wooden construction, the ceilings are insulated against footfall noise and have a high level of sound insulation. Strong high-speed internet coverage is available throughout the resort. Location Longan Villa is located in Hang Dong, southwest of Chiang Mai and only 15 km from the city center. This part of Hang Dong is more agriculturally oriented with rice fields and orchards. Mango and many Longan trees characterize the landscape. This is another piece of Thailand where you can hike and bike. Not far from the resort is the famous Ban Tawai woodcarving market and the well-known Jungle De Cafe and water park. It is only a few kilometers to Kad Farang Shopping Center and Hang Dong Hospital for emergencies. Detail Description The Longan Villa consists of several houses, distributed in a well-kept garden with lawns and fruit trees. In the center is the large saltwater pool with jacuzzi and access for the disabled. Around the pool is a teak deck with plenty of sun loungers for relaxation. Parasols (usually) prevent sunburn. This resort was completed pre-Covid and virtually never used. There were only 2 events, each with a few days. Therefore the Longan Villa Resort is new and practically unused. The entrance to Longan Villa is secured with an automatic gate, behind which at least 10 cars can park comfortably. There are additional covered parking spaces in the rear service area. Directly from the entrance you come to the reception with office facilities and on the other side a room that is used as a pool bar. There are several houses to stay overnight: There are 3 one-bedroom studio bungalows with built in air conditioning, king size bed and en-suite bathroom overlooking the pool The large, two-story building to the right of the pool can also be described as a family villa, as there is a further bedroom on each floor next to the master bedroom, furnished with twin beds. Both bedrooms each have an en-suite bathroom and, in addition to air conditioning, there are televisions in every room. 2 families with children or guests can comfortably live in this house. To the left of the pool is also a two-story building with 3 apartments per floor. These apartments all have a lounge, cloakroom and bedroom with a king size bed. All have an en-suite bathroom with shower and or bath. In each apartment is at least one flat screen TV and air conditioning. Opposite the pool is a 2-story building which has a large lounge or dining room on the ground floor. Behind it is a fully equipped kitchen where not only breakfast can be prepared. Above the dining room is a very large room which can be used as a 2-bedroom apartment or as 2 separate apartments with bedroom, living room and bathroom. The electronic equipment such as cameras, WIFI and audio systems are installed in the technical room next door. Behind this house is another building for the staff to sleep in with a small kitchen and a laundry with washing machines. Behind this apartment house in the garden is a large building with a seminar or meeting room for 30 people. The room is furnished with presentation equipment such as a flip board, screen and large screen TV. A huge table is in the center with full seating for the meeting attendees. Side tables and shelves complete the furnishings. To the left of the pool and across a bridge is the fitness center with weight machines and a punching ball from Japan. Above, on the first floor is another apartment with a double bed and a separate bathroom, TV and air conditioning, designed like a "love nest". Behind the fitness center there is another 1-bedroom studio bungalow with bathroom, air conditioning and TV. The lawn between the pool and the dining room or living room is used as a playing field for volleyball or badminton. Behind are catering facilities and a grill for BBQ

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Single Family Home for Sale
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Single Family Home
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2,000 m2
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41 m2
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