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As Zeytinhan Emlak, we operate in Küçükkuyu, Altınoluk and Assos regions and surrounding villages. We believe that a healthy geography for both soul and body is necessary for a quality life. Our mission regarding this is; Our aim is to make you own a house and land in the most profitable way in the healthiest geography of Turkey. We define the work we do by opening the doors of a quality and healthy life to our friends not only as "real estate" but also as "life architecture". With the widest and most diverse real estate portfolio in the region; We welcome you to both our online offices and our branches in Küçükkuyu.


Property Listing

Houses for Sale

$186K • 165 m2
Bedrooms: 2, Bathrooms: 2
$89.4K • 106 m2
Bedrooms: 2, Bathrooms: 1

Land for Sale

Apartments for Sale

$89.4K • 110 m2
Bedrooms: 2, Bathrooms: 1
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