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Our Real Estate company was founded by Shawntel, from serval years in the hospitality industry Shawntel has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to property, not only have she served the ordinary guest, but she has also had the pleasure of working with some popular celebrities, but it doesn’t stop there she’s not only a qualified agent , she is also a qualified Event Coordinator, that has several years of planning and executing many successful events, with an eye for detail and creative thinking she is able to turn even the worst situation into something beautiful. Shawntel has Experience in Property Management, website building which also includes Airbnb, etc , Site/Property Inspections, organizing of tours,bookings,transfers,etc . Resourceful, punctual, proactive, knowledgeable and respectful are some of words used to describe her. At On Point Property Management & Concierge we take all our clients seriously and by being good listeners we’re not only able to communicate effectively but we‘re also able to provide the best service to suit each individual’s needs .


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Single Family Homes for Sale

Single Family Home for Sale
$350K • 2,400 m2
Bedrooms: 8, Bathrooms: 4, Storeys: 2, Parking: None, Year Built: 2000
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