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The core existence of Litmus realty stems from a need to serve the property industry in a manner that without fail achieves the following; an inspiration of trust, confidence, transparency and security in the disposal and procurement of real-estate. Our company is great! It is full of energetic, creative and customer-centric associates. We strive daily to become the world’s largest and most trusted agency, by never compromising the integrity of hones business practices. Our values ensure a healthy balance between the company, careers, clients and our communities by embodying our values Values • Family: Family above all else. • Faith: One must belong. • Respect: Given, then earned. • Courage: Giant leaps or nothing. • Ethics: Your word is your bond • Charity: Our DNA is sharing. Litmus Realty is more than a company. It is a part of the community in every area our footprint extends. As such our strongest beliefs are that true intentions, actions with purpose and true value brings us closer, they allows us to share more intimate and personal experiences with all our Staff, Clients, communities and service providers as a whole. We use our wide footprint and influence to always add value to every community we reach by supporting programs that aim to uplift, educate and inspire the prosperity of all the people that exist in it.


Property Listings

Apartments for Sale

$59K • 48 m2
Bedrooms: 2, Bathrooms: 1
$62K • 68 m2
Bedrooms: 2, Bathrooms: 2

Land for Sale

$155K • 2.44 ha
$125K • 8.6 ha
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