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The “INFO” real estate team consists of licensed agents with years of experience and knowledge that will provide you with everything information you need when buying or selling real estate. We are aware that buying real estate is a big step in everyone's life man, so he cares about clients and their best interests one of the basic tasks of the INFO agency. Our goal is oriented towards the non-existence of limits in satisfaction requires you to make your purchase without any problems, so that we will guide you step by step through the buying and selling process, together with our professional legal team. Our service includes finding, joint sightseeing selected real estate, drawing up a sales contract, contact with a notary public, as well as assistance with realization tax relief, VAT refunds, if the client realizes on that right. We provide our clients with a sense of security based on trust that has lasted for more than two decades, because ... "TRUST IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS!"


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$2.2M • 345 m2
Bedrooms: 9, Bathrooms: 3
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