Land/Lot for Sale San Jose Succotz, Nazarene street

$340,000 5.14 ha
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Land/Lot for Sale Nazarene street. Photo#1
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Nazarene street, San Jose Succotz, Cayo District, Belize
Property Description

Farm Land in the forrest of Belize for sale Here are some details, 18.27 acres of Land located by south east of town of Benque Viejo del Carmen, with Population of 5,824 people, 5 minute away drive to Guatemala border and few minutes from mayan ruin, excellent for tourist attraction and other rental opportunities. With 2.7 miles of dirt road from town to the land, this quite and magical place possess few fruit trees, such as Mango, Avocado, Sour sop,Ginger,Coconut, Lemon, Lime, Papaya, Cashew and many more, all year around Natural spring water, with 16 kilo watt of solar power, The front wall made out of earth bag filled with sand, clay and 10% cement and barb wire. fully wired up cabin of 20 feet by 30 feet, as well as earth bag dome structure in the woods of 20 feet in diameter and another 10 feet in diameter for shower and bathroom area. Internet and wifi Through out the property, Security camera half way on the road looking at the gate and other one by the parking structure looking at the cabin area and 2 more can be installed, Garden area, property wall and solar operating front gate, 40 feet shipping container on the front of the property for storage, Parking Structure for 4 cars See Video, The Property wall has been built from tubular earth bag, filled with sand, clay, 10% cement and barbwire in between them and then we tamped down and then we cover it with plaster it of some sort, entrance gate of 15 feet wide that powered by solar system. there is 40 feet shipping container by the gate filled with items and everything stay. There is 4 car parking spaces with electricity installed. the rain water is being harvested by 9, 50 gallon barrel from the roof and then gravity fed to the garden areas. 6 feet by 8 feet trailer, tri-cycle. 2013 kia soul, 1999 jeep wrangler, Main Internet antenna, weather station and wifi extender, The total Garden area is 60 feet by 80 feet and raise garden bed is 40 feet by 50 feet with 2 green houses, See Video, Solar security wifi cameras installed on half way on the road looking at the main gate, another Camera installed on parking structure looking at the cabin Area. both send notification if any activities. there are several long range wifi extender installed on the property, First one is on main cabin with weather station and peer to peer antenna for internet from Guatemala, second wifi extender installed on same location as the security camera on the road. third wifi extender installed by the spring water for monitoring of water level of the water tanks, Cabin is an internet ready. Electricity and Solar with 100% Off-grid Solar system of 16,380 Watts; with 42 Solar panels ground-mount of 390 watts each, with 6 strings of 7 panels all wires dressed up nicely with efficiency in mind. complete Dewalt power tools, with 3; 48 Volt,120-240 split phase inverters of 6500 watts each with total Capacity up to 19,500 watts, monitoring app available to monitor the health and functionality of the system. And as for back up!, there is 12, 12 Volt, 200 Amp Hour that makes up 48 Volt 600 Amp Hour system, also 22 kilowatt propane generator with Auto transfer switch. Electricity runs via underground conduit to several locations. such as: Main cabin is fully wired, Structure 1, Structure2, Structure3, Structure4, Parking area and Garden area feeds from 200 Amp sub-panel. The cabin is 20' X 30' long with extended patio of 8 feet wide that is extended to the from and on the side and the patio has a place for dogs, sitting area, hammock, freezer, laundry area, shower area with hot water. Water System All year around Natural spring water coming out of ground and Housed by wooden structure to be protected from falling particles or any animals to go in and contaminate the water system. also installed mosquito net to prevent mosquito beading ground. however we have built a little pool for the animals such as howler monkeys and birds. The water is being pumped by solar powered pump in to (3), 320 gallon water tank to the top of the hill by half an inch P.V.C pipe and filtered through sediment filtration to fill the 3 tanks and then gravity fed by inch and half pipe coming down to the reverse osmoses filtration system and changed in to one inch pipe and fed in to 5 locations on the property., Main Cabin, Structure 1, Structure 2, Structure 3, And Structure 4. All piping from (3) 320 gallon each large barrels coming down with inch and half pipe underground, then changes in to one inch pipe traveling to several locations under ground then changed in to half an inch conduit to feed the structure with shut-off valves on each locations.. Main Cabin installed with UV light filtration, Water softener, Hot water Heater and also six 50 gallon rain harvesting barrels collecting rain water from the roof as well as Nine 50 gallon rain harvesting barrels from parking structure areas for gardening and irrigation purposes through gravity fed system with sprinkler system.

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Land/Lot for Sale by Owner
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Land Use
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5.14 ha
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13 days ago
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Shawn Alvandi
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