Land/Lot for Sale Bekilli Denizli, Isimsiz Yol

$44,000 2.02 ha
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Land/Lot for Sale Isimsiz Yol, 64902 Ulubey Usak. Photo#1
Land/Lot for Sale Isimsiz Yol, 64902 Ulubey Usak. Photo#2
Land/Lot for Sale Isimsiz Yol, 64902 Ulubey Usak. Photo#3
Land/Lot for Sale Isimsiz Yol, 64902 Ulubey Usak. Photo#4
Land/Lot for Sale Isimsiz Yol, 64902 Ulubey Usak. Photo#5
Land/Lot for Sale Isimsiz Yol, 64902 Ulubey Usak. Photo#6
Land/Lot for Sale Isimsiz Yol, 64902 Ulubey Usak. Photo#7
Land/Lot for Sale Isimsiz Yol, 64902 Ulubey Usak. Photo#8
Land/Lot for Sale Isimsiz Yol, 64902 Ulubey Usak. Photo#9
Land/Lot for Sale Isimsiz Yol, 64902 Ulubey Usak. Photo#10
Property Location
Isimsiz Yol, 64902 Ulubey Usak, Bekilli Denizli, Bekilli, Denizli, Turkiye
20930 Bekilli Denizli, Yesiloba
Property Description

Turkey: Land near DENIZLI, on the edge of the forest, for wine or fruit cultivation, also interesting as a tourism project, investment property or for self-sufficiency The property is on a river bed, in a valley that has dug deep into the loess soil! This means that it is very protected from storms and the nights are not that cold in winter either! About 1500 m from the lake of a dam (path goes there directly from the property!) Water well can be built in the riverbed! Source of drinking water is about 500m away! The municipality allows the use as drinking water (pipe can be connected from the source to the property) There is no water and electricity from the municipality! You have to organize this yourself! However, it is possible to create a well on the property (up to a depth of 10m without permission and without limitations!) Greater depths are possible (if very intensive agriculture is used, or other large consumers are operated (e.g. hotel). The existing water resources should be sufficient for normal agricultural use (traditional cultivation (circular economy))! Electricity can and must come from photovoltaics and/or wind energy! With a small generator, converted to gas operation (hydrogen or fermentation gas), you can then run normal operation autonomously without any problems! For large projects, electricity and water would have to be laid by the nearest municipality! (Everything is much cheaper here than in industrialized countries!) The area is famous for growing just every plant and tree which exist! Ideal for vine or fruit trees, walnut, hazelnut, eucalyptus, - everything possible! Tiny house (or caravan) can be set up without a permit! If a farm is operated, a house and farm building can be erected without special permission, too, after consultation with the mayor! Otherwise, residential buildings or tourism projects require a building request! According to a non-binding statement by the authorities, 150m² of living space on 2 levels (75m²) can be approved without any problems for a residential building! Depending on the circumstances, maybe even more! Foreigners are allowed to buy land and real estate in Turkey! (At the beginning of the year, the relevant laws were revised and are normally considerably easier!) Investors are largely exempt from annual taxes! (But please do your own research!) I don't know the laws for every country and every individual case! For investors, plots of land in Turkey are extremely interesting at the moment! For to let (houses), as well as just as an investment, the income is currently significantly higher than inflation! In this area in the last 12 months > 10% (adjusted from inflation)! We are selling all our possessions in Turkey as we made an unexpected inheritance in Spain! (If you buy the entire package, we will make an interesting special price!) Our property: Land in Denizli (this one) = request identifier: "Land Denizli". Approximately 28,000m² (two neighboured parsels) olive grove (near Bodrum) (free from olive flies) for 10 years managed ecologically without the use of poisons, location not far from the house. = Request ID "Olive Grove / Bodrum". About 3000m² plot (near Bodrum) with house (electricity, telephone and water connection), barn, greenhouse, chicken coop, own water spring (all year round), irrigation system with about 10 tons of water storage tank and pump and supply line from the spring, sewage treatment plant, solar collector for hot water, garden, many fruit trees, vines and paddock for goats Very nice view! Approximately 500m² can be built on! Currently about 250m² built with house and barn (barn can be converted into a house without any problems!) Approval for the construction of a surrounding 2m high wall is available! = ID: "Farm / Bodrum" request Is everything interesting for you = please use ID Request "complete package"! If you are interested, please request a detailed EXPOSE by phone or email! With the identifier as described above! (From Denizli plot, Bodrum olive grove, Bodrum plot with house or the whole package!) I have also put together some information for investors regarding the general situation in Turkey, but especially the situation in Bodrum! (I have lived in Turkey since 2005 and am married to a Turkish woman and advised investors on Turkey until 2015!) These can also be accessed from me free of charge! Please request identification: "Investor information"! ALL COMMISSION FREE!!!! = Directly from the owner! We speak German, English and Turkish! Contact: Frank Schlammer (German and English) Tel: +90 5443603116 Email: Özlem Schlammer (English and Turkish) Tel: +90 5425621359 Email:

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2.02 ha
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