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Srem District
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Land for sale on the Fruska gora near Irig, Vrdnik, the Krstasice area and the future high way and corridor Novi Sad - Ruma. The land is located in the Gornja Carina area, a construction zone, and its size iz 715m2. It has a single owner. It is located next to a dirt and stone road that connects it to Irig and Ruma, right across from the natural water spring and a small restin area with tables and chairs called Murgin tocak. Next to the land is a small spirng water pool. A few hundred meters from the land is a weekend house settlement with power and water infrastructure and soon the connecting road from Vrdnik to Fruskogorski koridor highway will be built nearby. Power and city water have not reached the area yet, but the weekend house settlements are very close to it. It is surrounded by vineyards and fruit plantations, very close to the forest. In the past it was used as a garden. It is ideal for the people looking for some peace and quiet, while being close to the civilization at the same time.

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Land for Sale Valdov, Vrdnik, Srem District, Vojvodina, Serbia

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