Land for Sale San Miguelito, C San Miguelito

$20,000,000 48.08 ha
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San Miguelito
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For Sale: Shrimp Farm in Mexico - **Size:** - 120 hectares of privately-owned land, including: - 43 hectares in operation and 77 hectares reserved for expansion - 25 hectares of water surface across 10 ponds, each spanning 2.5 hectares. - **Facilities:** - Excellent infrastructure - Electrical infrastructure - Warehouses - Water pumps - Offices - And more. - **Reasons to Invest in This Farm:** - Strategic location - High-quality water supply year-round - Proximity to lucrative markets - All permits in order - Legal certainty (Private property free of liens) This farm has strategic alliances with research centers to support its efficient operation and high profitability. Interested? DM for details!

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48.08 ha
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1 month ago
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Land for Sale C San Miguelito, 63636 Nay, San Miguelito, Rosamorada, Nayarit, Mexico

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