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$254,000 4.76 ha
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Linares Province
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Almost 5ha of land located in the seventh region, Region del Maule, Chile with a beautiful view of the valley and mountains. The land is a mixture of soft hills and plain terrain, being the latter the majority of the land. All roads and paths to access the land are in good condition. In that area water is provided by wells, this has to be done through drilling. There is a neighbour close by that has already done this, he has drilled two wells, successfully finding water at a relatively good depth. Electricity can be supplied by the local electricity company (doing the paperwork needed) or you can acquire solar panels, an option that is taken by many who go to live in the countryside in Chile. The land has been used in the past for pasture and animal rearing. This land is already legally subdivided into 8 plots of 5.000 square mt each and one a bit bigger. meaning that if you decide to sell a portion of your land, the division is already done, saving you a lot of paperwork, headaches, and money. Each plot of land has its own deed allowing you to carry out a sale if you wish to do so. All papers are in order. No debt is attached to the land. In Chile you have the right to build your house on the land that you own as long as you build within regulations. The land is half an hour away from a main town called Parral, 45min from Talca, the main city of the region. 40 min from the coast and one hour from the mountain. You'll find towns and villages where you can get what you need all over the region, including the main ones already mentioned. The region where the land is, has several nature tourist places around at no more than half an hour away from the land. Also, in this region you'll find "La ruta del vino", this is a trail where you will find many vineyards that you can visit and buy excellent wine for a very reasonable price. The weather is cold in winter but rarely below 0º and in summer the temperature can reach an average of 25º. Autumn and spring are extremely pleasant in that part of the country. Santiago, the capital of the country, is 4 hours away. Once you decide to buy we need to do all the paperwork in Chile, supervised by a notary who will legalize the whole transaction and will make sure that the money is given to me once you have the title of the land. The procedure is relatively quick and easy. If you have any questions about the country, the land, the culture, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact me, I'll be more than happy to guide you and answer your questions.

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4.76 ha
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Leonor Berdichevsky
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Land for Sale San Jose, Retiro, Linares Province, Maule, Chile

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