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$1,750,000 4.18 are
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Land/Lot for Sale Marsa Matruh, Mersa Matruh. Photo#1
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Marsa Matruh, Mersa Matruh, Matrouh Governorate, Egypt, Matrouh Governorate 5056963
Alex, Marsa Matrouh, Matrouh Governorate 5056964
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A registered plot of land 436 square meters, buildings for sale, second number from Alam El Roum main street and behind Al-Hurriya Language School, and it has an electricity meter in the name of the owner, on its frontage is 18.5 meters and a depth of approximately 27 meters, and is suitable for all commercial purposes, the price is 1,750,000 USD and other negotiable. The sale is direct from the owner and intermediaries refrain. Important note: During the next few years, that is, within two or three years at the latest, the Egyptian government will establish the new city of Marsa Matrouh, which is planned to be a fourth-generation city like the new city of El Alamein, which means a comprehensive transformation of life in the coastal region North in Egypt, and the plot of land announced by us is located on the borders of the division of the new city of Marsa Matrouh, and this means creating gigantic and unprecedented investment opportunities. Thank you for your understanding and patience .. The owner of the land A message to the buyers : the owners of this land will not accept Bitcoin or something similar , we accept all cash money or transfer from bank to bank , and one more thing If you are really serious about buying then call please but if not then please don't bother us .. thank you

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4.18 are
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