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A plot of land, with a view to the Atlantic Ocean. The blank new canvas you need, to transform your imagination into a reality! You will enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside, while being at a 7-minute drive from the city of Machico, as the road is right next to the plot. In Machico, you will find several supermarkets, pharmacies, shops, and schools. In your countryside, you will have the quite you deserve, a view to be inspired, and the opportunity to lay your dream home and grow your own food. The plot of land allows both Residential and Farming activities. We will provide you the formal documentation, from the Local Authorities, allowing you to build. The view will be open and direct to the Atlantic Ocean, for you to admire Nature. There is a path (called 'levada' in Portuguese), which allows you to explore Nature and go for a walk with only fresh air. There is plenty of Sun exposure: East during morning, South during the afternoon, and West as it sets. The total area is: 9257 ft2 = 1029 yd2 = 860 m2 = 0,21 ac Call me at 0044 (7) 7797 921 907.

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Land for Sale Estr da Ribeira Seca, Machico, Madeira, Portugal

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