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We do not work with real estate agents, we only sell to private parties. Discover your exclusive retreat in the heart of Alentejo with this magnificent Monte, positioned on the border between Grândola and Santa Margarida da Serra. Just 20 minutes from Melides beach and 30 minutes from Comporta, this 40.7 hectare property offers a unique experience of serenity and natural beauty. Surrounded by approximately 5 km of recently built internal paths, this mountain offers a unique experience, providing an extraordinary panoramic view of the imposing cork oaks that dominate ⅕ of the total area. Furthermore, the property is adorned by an abundance of strawberry trees and holm oaks, creating a natural and serene atmosphere. To guarantee a constant supply of water, this unique property has an exclusive water source, consisting of a dam with a spring and a well, guaranteeing a stable and sustainable supply. Projects: In accordance with what the PDM contemplates, a project was submitted to CMG for the construction of a 500m2 residential area, which is being built in one of the points with the best panoramic view of the entire property. The construction of 3,000m2 for agricultural equipment is also contemplated. As for the area destined for tourism, 1,000m2 could eventually be considered by CMG, depending on the area of implementation, the type of construction and the project's framing in the area in question. Get in touch to schedule a visit or to request more information. We can always send more photos and videos of the property if necessary.

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1.16 ha
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Caroline Pires
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Land for Sale Grandola, Setubal, Portugal

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