Land for Sale Gazipasa Antalya, Kirahmetler

$240,000 3.2 ha
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Gazipasa Antalya
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Gazipasa Dent in Gazipasa Road Frontage Settlement Field Suitable for Many Tropical Fruits & Vegetables Göçük / Gazipaşa / Antalya 23400 M2 / 23.40 Acres Within the Village Settlement Area Existing Asphalt Road Facade from Both Ends Distance to D400 Motorway 4 Km Distance to Gazipasa Centre 18 Km Distance to Gazipasa Airport 23 Km Road Water Electricity & Settlement Surrounding Garden & Settlement Suitable for many kinds of tropical fruit Suitable for All Kinds of Greenhouse & Garden Permission to build a detached house Field Slope Suitable for House Building Easy & Comfortable Access Quiet & Calm Location Lush Nature Clean Air Please Contact For Detailed Information & Other Portfolio Options

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Land for Sale
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3.2 ha
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22 days ago
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Land for Sale Kirahmetler, Isimsiz Yol, 07900 Gazipasa Antalya, Gazipasa Antalya, Gazipasa, Antalya, Turkiye

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