Land for Sale Emali

$300,000 3.87 ha
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Land for Sale Emali, Nguu, Makueni County, Kenya. Photo#1
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Emali, Nguu, Makueni County, Kenya
Makasa, Wolwa
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Emali farm on quick sale... Walk in walk out basis:- The farm is located four kilometers from Emali town near TARDA on the Nairobi Mombasa highway. The region is flat and easily accessible. From our experience soil is excellent for farming. -farm size - cc 10 acres / 3.8 hectares Investments done on farm: -fence - farm is fully fenced with 6m wide gate -2 + 1 worker buildings (multiunit)for 12 workers -workers bathrooms- 3pcs -worker toilets (with conservancy tank) - 4pcs -additional foundation for worker buildings(multiunits) - 2pcs -store - 1pcs -6m high water tank tower with single 10000L tank and 1500L tank - 1pcs -6m high water tank tower with 2x 10000L tanks and 2x 12000 tanks(44000 lts ) - 1pcs Total water on 6 m stands 54000 L -10000L water tank not raised -3.5m high water tank tower with 500L tank - 1pc -full operational borehole which include: borehole pump,solar panels(40 pcs of 200watts each),panel structure,piping,back up generator set and central unit -drip irrigation kits for 10 acres -cca 4000 + banana tissue culture plants -cca 2000 Hash Avacado (with drip irrigation) -large farm house (roh bau-95 % finished) - 1pcs -building stone blocks 9x9 - 500 Pcs -building stone blocks 6x9 - 400 Pcs -farm warehouse 17.5m x 15m - 85% finished -central farm store - 4.5m x 9m with shelves -genertor/solar house -water storage dam(cca 300m3/300000L capacity) -1pcs -fence with gate -trees plants around fence .. We are selling because relocating back abroad.... asking KES30M

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3.87 ha
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