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Corozal District
Corozal District
Jaguar Palms Dr, Consejo, Corozal District, Belize
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This beautiful 1870.8 Square meter residential property is located in Consejo Shores in Corozal District, Belize C.A. Consejo Shores is one of the most creditable established private development in Belize, where most Expats and retirees reside. This lot is ready to build on and its natural terrain offers a great amount of natural trees which just adds to its beauty. You can afford great breeze and views since it’s approximately two hundred feet away from the seaside clean fresh waters, not to mention its location is right at the entrance of Consejo Shores and has easy access to the main road to Consejo village and Corozal Town. Friendly neighborhood both foreign and local Spanish and English speaking locals in the Consejo Village and very safe. This place is the ideal place to retire and being part of this beautiful respectful community you will have access to the many delightful activities to do such as gardening, biking, kayaking, and the most exciting and pleasant to do is enjoying the tranquil environment free of contaminated air. And if you enjoy walking there is the Pelikan Cove Park for relaxation. A 1/2 an hour driveway from Corozal Town and just across our Belizean Border is the beautiful City of Chetumal where you can take advantage of shopping and medical care. There are ample restaurants, clubs, and many places to entertain such as their Mall where you can watch movies with English subtitles. Easy access to the Ambergris Caye which is the second largest Barrier Reef, via boat or plane from Corozal. All land is surveyed and has absolute Fee Simple Land Title. Lots to enjoy in this sustainable lifestyle and tranquil environment. Take this opportunity to enjoy the simple life of Nature. Please feel free to contact us at or our phone number 672-1478. We assure you that your purchase or sale is done to its full potential from listing to closing.

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Land for Sale in Consejo, Corozal District, Belize

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