Investing/Development for Rent Ratnapura, Panadura-Nambapana-Ratnapura Hwy

$1,122 31.52 are
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Property Location
Panadura-Nambapana-Ratnapura Hwy, Ratnapura, Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka
Holeepitaya, Kiriella
Property Description

GEM LAND RENTING FOR 99 YEARS LEASE ( 200 years Royalist value Gem Land ) - 123.5 perches land - some of valuable Tress in the land such as Teak tress,Pericopsis mooniana tress, jackfruit tress, Rambutan tress ,Caryota urens( kithul tress), rubber tress, betel nuts tress and many more tresses - 200 years old Royalist historical background gem land - specially looking for Foreigners in England, United Kingdom ,USA, China, Spain and Germany. - Expecting $1.3 million (USD) payment at onces, monthly payments method is not valid. This land more suitable to Gem Mining and house constructing as it is situated in a spectacular area beautiful paddy field Infront of the land. Land mark with boundary separately and gate is available to enter to land. Also this land More suitable for gem mining and valuable stones was found in this land such as Blue sapphires . Guarantee this land as Rich soil for Gem Mining. nearby mine found a 2M USD worth gemstone last year'. Distance - Rathnapure Town to Dodampe ( 13.5 km /15 min. -Contact Details for information Whatsapp- 0714155777 / 077 539 8807 - "No Brokers please only genuine buyers only".

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Investing/Development for Rent by Owner
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31.52 are
$1,122 /mo
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