Single Family Home for Sale Rosen, at bez ime

$8,647 87 m2
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Single Family Home for Sale at bez ime, Rosen. Photo#1
Single Family Home for Sale at bez ime, Rosen. Photo#2
Single Family Home for Sale at bez ime, Rosen. Photo#3
Single Family Home for Sale at bez ime, Rosen. Photo#4
Property Location
at bez ime, Rosen, General Toshevo, Dobrich Province, Bulgaria
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We present to you a rural house in the village of Rosen, Dobrich area. The house has 87.50 sq.m living area and a garden of 1180 sq.m. The property needs a lot of repairs. There is a municipality in the village, a shop and a bar. There is a forest and a lake in the close vicinity. The area is scenic and the air is clean. The village is half an hour to General Toshevo municipality- an administrative centre.Village of Rosen (Dobrich District) is located in North-East Bulgaria. It is part of General Toshevo Municipality. General Toshevo municipality is located in North-East Bulgaria in Dobrich District. The Municipality consists of 1 town (General Toshevo) and 41 villages. The territory of the Municipality is crossed by second-class road Е-29 Varna - Constanza , Romania, 137.7 km of third-class roads, 97.1 km of fourth-class roads; these roads ensure connection to all population centers in the Municipality. Yovkovo border control point, which services the traffic on the border with the Republic of Romania, is located at a distance of 15 km from the municipal center. The Municipality is an environmentally clean region without industrial polluters, with a potential for development of rural tourism. Protected areas in the area of General Toshevo have been declared in the villages of Rositsa, Loznitsa and Bezhanovo. Dabovik village was the first to start offering hunting tourism. Areas for hunting tourism and fishing have been designated around Dryan Dam Lake, which has been granted under concession, and landscaped facilities for recreation have been built, as well as sports facilities with open-air and closed grounds and equipment. Price 8000 euros Available on Pay Monthly --

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Single Family Home for Sale
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Single Family Home
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87 m2
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