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$120,000 157 m2
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Property Location
Nyhem, Bracke Municipality, Jamtland County, Sweden, Bracke
Property Description

Pleasant and beautiful property in Jämtland Sweden. Renovation needs. The house is located in Nyhem, Bräcke Municipality in Jämtland. The house has great potential. Perfect for those who are creative and want to decorate a fantastic house according to their own style. Suitable as year-round living, holiday home or small rental property. The roof needs to be looked over and renovated and even though the house is fully habitable and has been a year-round residence for me, who sells, since 2004, you may want to modernize the interior. 157 square meters divided into two rooms and a kitchen on each floor. (electric five rooms and a kitchen downstairs) large country kitchen, high ceiling, wooden floor and mirror doors. Tiled stove and two wood stoves, one on each floor. Unfurnished attic, crawl space. 990 square meters of land and another 2000 square meters of arable land below the house. Wood-burning stove in the kitchen, but there is also a regular stove. Large combined toilet/shower/laundry room. In Nyhem, hunters, snowmobilers and fishermen have their paradise. It is 5 kilometers to Gimån with its world-famous fishing and in the nearby lakes there are, among other things, implanted noble fish. In summer, you can take a dip at one of the fantastic sandy beaches nearby. 150 meters to the lake with free fishing. The house has no water-borne elements, but is heated with a tiled stove and wood stoves, as well as electric-oil elements if necessary. The house can be cooled for periods without problems. I myself have closed off the upper floor in the winters, which means very low heating costs. Everything is available such as washing machine, shower cabin, dishwasher, etc. Municipal Water and Sewage. Nyhem is located between Bräcke and Kälarne. And if you go over Rissna, it's 5 miles from Brunflo straight ahead until the road ends in Nyhem The house is beautiful and is located a reasonable distance from Östersund. The beaches in the area are fabulous with their yellow sand and sandy bottoms. The fishing around Nyhem is world famous. Otherwise, only the imagination sets limits to all the possibilities for recreation and activity that this place offers. As an acquaintance of mountain climbers, I can for example recommend the surrounding areas with extensive opportunities for varied climbing; Kleva on the way to Gimdalen is e.g. an untapped resource for those interested in climbing. About 150 meters below the house is a lake. Personally, I am interested in canoeing and see it as a wonderful opportunity to be able to camp on the islets around and there are also nice stretches of water to paddle on next to the lake. Small game hunting may loom for some if the index finger itches when the deer graze around the house knot. I would probably say that the resort offers something for everyone. For those who are interested in roaming the forest and land and picking up a supply of berries and mushrooms, the nearby forests offer inexhaustible resources for jamming and juicing and filling up the freezer. Raspberries and currants grow on the farm and I myself have had plans to plant sea buckthorn. Outside the house runs the scooter trail and in the village there is a scooter club which, among other things, organizes pub evenings and we have had gigs by groups such as "Hellre än bra" and "Feejk". Friteatern and other theater groups also usually make guest appearances in the village. There is simply something for everyone. If you were to look a little rough at life, the house has a lot of advantages compared to, for example, an apartment in the city. With a tiled stove and a wood stove there is no need to worry if the power goes out (for some unfathomable reason,,,like,,let's say,,war) There is earth cellar and an old barn on the farm so for those who dream of self-sufficiency offers the house possibilities. And I mustn't forget that there is an outhouse - if needed. :-) Personally, I have mobile broadband that I can take with me wherever I go and it works for watching TV, making calls and so on, but right now there are plans to bury those broadband cables. Nowadays, you can also get so-called Radio-Fiber, Airborne broadband from Micro Fiber. I have been working here from home via the web for several years - so as I said it works well regardless of the choice of supplier and method. More photos at:

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Single Family Home for Sale by Owner
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Property Type
Single Family Home
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157 m2
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10.39 are
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Deborah Englund
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