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Decentralized Administration of Crete
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More photos and a short video available upon request! Description : Prefecture: Rethymnon Municipality: Amari Reference No: 1v-794 Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Property size: 150 m² Plot size: 250 m² Sea View: Yes Details: Magnificent sea view house for sale near Agia Fotini in South Rethymno, Crete. With breathtaking panoramic sea views in addition to the gorgeous scenery of the mountains and the surrounding nature, this 150sqm two-bedroom villa is a great opportunity for those who want to live a luxurious lifestyle combined with total peace of mind. The magnificent villa is set on a plot of 250sqm holding an elevated position and offers a unique unobstructed view, whereas it is just a few minutes away by walking from supermarkets and cafeterias there are in the village of Kerames. As we enter the villa, we find ourselves in a cozy, lovely living room that is ideal to relax with company day and night with no interruption. Additionally, a warm, full-of-light dining room is offered, where one can enjoy delicious, tasty meals and refreshing drinks with friends and family. In order to prepare the meals and please your guests, a fully equipped kitchen is provided. Moreover, in the villa, there are two spacious bedrooms occupied by four beds. One of them has a balcony door leading straight to the stone-paved balcony whereas the other has a big window that lets plenty of sunlight come through. There are also two bathrooms with one huge walk-in shower to relax and revive your body and spirit. The most spectacular characteristic of this villa is the 25sqm rooftop patio where you can enjoy total peace of mind while gazing at the mesmerizing sea. This is an exceptional home, an opportunity that shall not be missed! Location information: The village of Kerames is located at the slope of the mountains Notiko and Kendas which are more than seven hundred meters high. The two islands next to the coast are called Paximadia, rusk, as they resemble the shape of traditional Greek rusk. The village itself is very clear with its narrow alleys, a well, village square and even a tiny museum. The hills and mountains of the region are full of olive trees and gorges with streams and cool water often spreads to the sea. Ringtones from sheep and goats awaken memories. Looking at the rambling nature olive fields are next to pastures situated in between meadows, framed by silvery leaves of the olive trees. An inhabitant of the village, Konstantinos Spyridakis, founded a museum of the interesting folklore with a rich person collection of parts, weapons having belonged to crétois combatants and other works of art. To the north there’s the street from Spili to Agia Galini, the two touristic centres nearby being visited by many guests in summer. Because of some hills separating the area of Kerames from the main route the beaches there, between Agios Pavlos and Drimiskos, are in best condition with only few people. The other beaches names’ are Agia Fotini, Triopetra Beach and Agia Paraskevi. In between there are even more small beaches whose names you’ll surely learn about while staying there. The sand’s grain ranges from rocky via gravely to extra fine, one sloped is covered with sand while another is rather stony; it’s simply rich in variety and playful as nature itself. On some beaches there is a tavern serving self caught fish from time to time, Omelettes, Souvlaki, French fries and salad together with tasty land wine, beer or water are available all the time in accord with the air, the sea and the shiny sun it’s a joy. Agios Pavlos’ beach represents the area’s eastern “border”. As if things needed to be – geologically speaking – exceptionally trenchant, there are not only unusual foldings, but several other cunning formations to be seen.

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House for Sale Lampi, Crete, Decentralized Administration of Crete, Greece

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