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Property Location

Piaseczno County
Masovian Voivodeship
Wenus, JozefosLaw, Piaseczno County, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
Julianow Wenus, Zorzy Polarnej, Julianowska, Julianow, Gmina Piaseczno
Property Description

NEW HOUSE in development condition and additionally on request: - FURNISHING UNDER CLOTHING (we do not limit ourselves with packages but with the amount you wish to spend) - MODERN FURNITURE FROM POLISH DESIGNERS (to be seen in the showroom) - GARDEN - even a small space will be arranged by our Designer and the team will prepare it in such a way that you will be impressed. - photovoltaic panels - air conditioning A housing estate of terraced houses. Two rows of houses. Each house has five rooms, two bathrooms and a garage, as well as a non-utility attic for development. Dual-function cooker, underfloor heating on both floors. Ladder radiators in the bathrooms. Risers, installations have been brought out to the unused attic. Care has also been taken with the external lighting of the building, as the new owner will have the installation prepared for lamps, which he will choose and install himself. The house is equipped with an alarm system, TV and the Internet. The ground floor features a living room with bathroom and a garage for one car. A second car can be placed in the parking space in front of the house. The first floor consists of bedrooms and a bathroom. In the attic there is space for your own arrangement according to your needs. The living rooms are located to the west (afternoon sun) or to the east (the sun in the living room will be until noon). The estate is the next stage of comfortable and practical houses. It is located in Julianów, just outside Józefosław, near Warsaw, where the neighbourhood provides everything one needs to live comfortably in the Warsaw agglomeration. In the immediate vicinity we have schools, kindergartens, shops where we can walk. We also have fitness clubs, an aesthetic medicine clinic, a SPA and a city bus stop. By bus we can get to the metro station. A few minutes' walk and we are already in the Kabaty Forest, where lovers of walking and jogging will find a place for themselves. A few minutes by car or 2 bus stops we have a sports centre with badminton courts, fitness classes and a gym. A dozen or so minutes by car will take you to the Botanical Garden or the graduation towers in Konstancin-Jeziorna, where there are also plenty of places for walks among the greenery. The estate will be completed by the end of June 2023 at the latest, but we can prepare a turnkey house for you and furnish it with all the furniture. Thanks to our cooperation with excellent Polish designers, we are able to offer you furniture of good quality and at a price that will not give you a headache. If you love greenery and elegance, we can also offer to arrange and create a garden next to your house - you will certainly be pleasantly surprised what effect can be achieved with our experience and skills in designing great gardens. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: it is possible to prepare an interior design and prepare the works already in March this year. if we are also to install a heat pump and photovoltaic panels - additional cost 60,000zł possibility to install air-conditioning - additionally possibility of installing smart home - additionally PURCHASE FROM A DEVELOPER ON THE FIRST MARKET - no tax, no commission No permits required for non-Polish nationals.

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Apartments for Sale
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148 m2
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Ceramic Block Bricks
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Apartments for Sale in JozefosLaw, Piaseczno County, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland

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