Single Family Home for Sale Roginska Gorca

$91,990 104 m2
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Property Location
Roginska Gorca, Municipality of Podcetrtek, Smarje pri Jelsah, Slovenia, Pristava pri Mestinju
Property Description

On the slopes of the rural village of Roginska Gorca (Podčetrtek municipality) we have for sale a really nice, small weekend house with a panoramic view and an associated land with a total size of 11.808 m2. The weekend house has a net floor area of 104 m2 (52 m2 living area). In front of the entrance there is a 19.4 m2 canopy for unforgettable social gatherings. Beneath the building, facing south, there is a beautiful, well-kept vineyard with 1,050 vines (blue Frankinia - 330, Laški Riesling - 250, Chardonnay - 170, yellow Muscat - 100, Otonel - 200). On the land, which has all-day sun, there are also many fruit trees (apples, pears, plums, persimmons, kiwis, figs). According to the intended use, the associated land is defined as: 597 m2 of building land and 11,211 m2 of prime agricultural land. The access to the estate itself is organized, public and asphalted, but moderately demanding and slightly hilly as we climb to 335 meters above sea level. We really recommend the purchase of a weekend especially to couples who are looking for a quiet location in the countryside and like to get to work, the land is just enough for self-sufficient cultivation. Link: Video: 360: The building has three floors and the following rooms: Basement rooms (ceiling height = 2.2 m) - basement (24.2 m2) with a passage to a dug-out dugout (19.8 m2). Ground floor (ceiling height = 2.4 m) – hall (2.3 m2), bathroom (2.3 m2), dining room (13.8 m2) with access to a 5 m2 large balcony (facing south), kitchen (10 .6 m2) with a staircase to the attic. Mansard – 23 m2 large room/bedroom and 3 m2 unfinished attic space. Basic information: Year of building: 1978; Building permit: Yes, obtained for a brick house and dugout. The building has a house number; Construction: brick construction with insulating plaster; Roof: brick roofing - Kikinda, renovated in 2003 (roofing boarded, air bridge made and 25 cm insulation added). Windows: older, wooden windows; Floors: warm floor and ceramics on the ground floor and laminate in the attic; Electrical installations: original (currently single-phase meter, arrangement of three-phase meter is possible); Grooves: copper; Bathroom: original (drainage – PVC pipes, plumbing – galvanized pipes); Heating: wood-burning stove (b. 2008) on the ground floor; water heating with an electric boiler; Telecommunications: none (possibility of connecting to a telephone connection running through the plot); Connections: public electricity, public water supply, septic tank. The distance to Zibika, where there is a branch school and a shop, is 3 km. The harbor at Mestinj is 5.5 km away, where there is a post office as well as a shop. The administrative center - Šmarje pri Jelšah, where all important institutions are located, is only 10 km away, and the competent Municipality in Podčetrtek is 11 km away. Equipment is donated. Registry situation is free of burdens and debts. Visits are possible by prior arrangement. You are welcome! Contact: +38640650440 ; Location description: The municipality stretches in the N-S direction along the border river Sotla, mainly in the provinces of Zgornja and Srednje Sotelsko. Towards the interior of Slovenia, it is bordered in the west by Rudnica, in the north by Sveta Ema with the Roginska Gorca and the Pristavško-Zibiško field, in the east by the border river Sotla and in the south by the northern slopes of Orlica. The seat of the municipality is in Podčetrtek. The local communities that make up the municipality of Podčetrtek are: Pristava pri Mestinje, Podčetrtek, Virštanj, Polje ob Sotli and Olimje. According to the size of the territory and the number of inhabitants, KS Pristava pri Mestinje is the largest, while Olimje is the smallest. KS Pristava pri Mestinje is the most densely populated, while KS Polje ob Sotli is the least populated. The territory of the municipality is characterized by rural settlements. Given the hilly world and the intensive agricultural economy, we can see the settlements laid out here, where agricultural areas spread out between individual homes (Virštanj, Nezbiše, Olimje...). Among the compacted settlements, the most widespread are villages, namely roadside and clustered. Examples of roadside villages are Imeno and Dekmanca, and clustered villages Polje ob Sotli and Pristava pri Mestinje. At higher altitudes, we find isolated farms. The border location of the municipality of Podčetrtek with the neighboring country of Croatia is complemented by the Imeno border crossing. The status of small-scale border crossings in the entire area has not yet been definitively determined. At the same time, it is worth pointing out the international agreement on free border crossing in the area of Terme Olimia, which applies only to spa guests during their stay in the place.

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Single Family Home for Sale
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Property Type
Single Family Home
Total Area
104 m2
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1.04 ha
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