How to list my property for sale

If you want to sell your real estate property, our free property listing is at your service!

Let's take a look at what it usually takes to effectively submit any property for sale free ad and get the expected results.

Free ad posting process

The process of placing a free advertisement of a property for sale is easy and fast at the same time. You will need to sign in to the website using your social network account or your email. Please note that registration is not needed, this way, no passwords are used by us and, therefore, are not stored on our servers, which has a positive effect on the security of your account and data. If you decide to sign in to the website using your email, we will send you a one-time sign in link to your email address. In the future, you can sign in to your account using your social network account as well if it is associated with your email address.

The user account types of property seller are available as follows:

After the account type is selected and filled, the property listing page is enabled, which allows adding your property for sale for free. Here you provide such property parameters as the total area, number of rooms, number of stories, etc., add photos and indicate the location on the map.

Try to choose the best photographs of both the exterior and interior of the property for your ad. The ideal solution would be to use the professional photographer service - high-quality photos significantly improve the buyers' interest in the property and increase the value of your property. The photographer service fee can be returned multiple times by the difference in the property price that you can get in the event of a successful sale at a higher price simply due to high-quality photographs, so we advise you to take this opportunity.

Listed property location on the map with borders

To make it easier, there is a short video on the property edit page on how to indicate the property location on the map in the form of an outline (a set of connected segments). After saving the location, an image of the polygon on the map is created, which allows potential buyers to estimate the size, orientation, and location of the property and its parcel. The property location plays an important role in the buyers' assessment of the attractiveness of a property offer. Therefore, the accuracy and precision of specifying the property location leaves less time for decision making and clears many questions for the buyer.

Please pay special attention to the property description because the more information it contains, the better your free ad will be perceived by buyers. As for the description language, you can use any language you like. If you are targeting real estate buyers in your country, it will be enough to submit a description in the language of your country. If you are expecting the attention of international investors or buyers, then it worth submitting a description in English. Also, you can provide the description in several languages ​​at the same time. The maximum description limit is 5000 characters, which is roughly two pages of text and is sufficient for a very detailed property for sale description.

You have successfully listed your property for sale, it is published, and is available for buyers to view, our congratulations! What else can you do to improve your chances of selling your property quickly and profitably? As you probably already guessed, this is to share the ad on social networks. By doing this, your conveniently formatted property ad page with all the information provided will be available for viewing by relatives, friends, and acquaintances, among whom there may be people interested in purchasing your property.

And now about the advantages of placing a property for sale advertisement with us:

Frequently asked questions

If you've read this far, you should have a pretty good idea of the process of listing a property for sale free ad at our website. We would like to wish you a quick and profitable selling of your property!

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