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Nova Scotia
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459 Main Street is a ½ acre serviced property located in close proximity to downtown Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. The location is the site of the old Yarmouth Jailhouse. This substantial three-story facility was constructed in 1864 – 1865 and actively used as a county jail until it was decommissioned in 2004. Since that time the building has sat idle, with no significant upgrades or regular maintenance. Although over 150 years old, the facility is not registered as a “heritage” property, nor is it located within the town’s “Urban Design Form Based Code Area” (located just outside). As a result, currently approved options for potential property developers are quite extensive. In addition, permitted uses by development agreement include any new commercial building exceeding 15,000 ft2 or any addition that would cause the existing building to exceed 15,000 ft2, and new residential development of more than 8 units.

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Land for Sale Main St, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

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