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Pandeglang Regency
Tanjungjaya, Pandeglang Regency, Banten, Indonesia, Panimbang, Banten 42281
Jl Panimbang, Kec Panimbang, Kabupaten Pandeglang

Hilly Land, with a beautiful beach and ocean views for sale. The Land located within Tanjung Lesung Special Economic Zone [Bahasa Indonesia: Kawasan Ekonomi Eksklusif (KEK) Tanjung Lesung], the location is near Tanjung Lesung Resort, Banten, Indonesia. Tanjung Lesung lies approximately 170 kilometres southwest of Jakarta in the province of Banten and covers 1,500 hectares of the untouched peninsula facing the Indian Ocean. It is accessible by toll road from Jakarta in approximately 3.5 hours. Tanjung Lesung is envisioned to be a first-class international resort that combines Bali with Venice. Waterways and canals link hotels, condominiums and apartments, with white-sand beaches, sailing, diving & beach clubs, as well as the Venice-style city centre. Further developments shall include 1,000+ water-front residences and a championship golf course surrounded by golf view townhouses. A major improvement in accessibility is expected from a new airport located 20km from Tanjung Lesung and a new tollway will improve connectivity with Jakarta. There will be an airstrip in the development that will accommodate chartered flights from Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport which is a short flight of 40 minutes away. Development of Tanjung Lesung already started and currently, 2 resorts and hotels offer a combined 150 bungalows with 300 rooms and meeting facilities. A sailing and beach club are already operational and offer an array of water sports (snorkelling, diving, jet-skiing, etc). Golfers can make use of the ocean view driving range. The Land located in the Special Economic Zones (SEZ) of Tanjung Lesung, Indonesia The basic concept of Indonesia SEZ is the preparation of areas that have accessibility to the global market (access to the seaport and or airport). The areas are designed to maximize industrial activities, export, import and other related activities which have high economic value. Furthermore, the areas are given certain facilities and incentives in order to increase the competitiveness among the countries nearby. Both the increasing competitiveness and the incentives are expected to be the pull factors to attract investors to the region. Please refer to the Republic of Indonesia National Council for Special Economic Zone website BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN TANJUNG LESUNG SEZ TOURISM REGION Accommodation dan MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention dan Exhibition): Exclusive Beach Resort Villas, Exclusive Residential Villas, Exclusive Beach Hotel, Home Retirement and MICE Facilities Food and beverages: Restaurant, bar and café Entertainment and relaxation: Shopping Area, Amusement Parks/Theme Parks, Beach Park, Future Commercial Development, Golf Course, Spa/rejuvenation facilities Adventurous Tourism: Nature trail, outdoor adventure, ecotourism and sports/watersports facilities, diving tour Art: Creative and performing art and music activities, cultural attractions, souvenir site Education: Training and educational centre in tourism, Tourism School/University Supporting Infrastructure: Marinas & Marine Center, regional road Or you can have it as your residential property The land is my family-owned. Area : 32,291 m² (3.2 Ha) Location : Jl. Panimbang, Tanjung Lesung, Pandeglang, Banten Freehold: 2 Books of SHM ( 1 Owner ) Entry Width from the roadside: 110 meter Professional Property Agents are welcome to contact The west side of the land is adjacent to the land which is currently in progress to build a condominium owned by a Singaporean investor. Eastside next to Blue Ocean Homestay Price : IDR 600,000 / m2 The Serang-Panimbang Toll Road is still under construction. It has 3 sections. Section #1 has been operating since October 2021. Section #2 and #3 are under development. All sections will be connected to operate in June 2023. Through this toll road, driving from Jakarta to this location will take 3 hours. Land prices will increase certainly at the time.


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Santanu Muliawidi Sutman
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Land for Sale in Tanjungjaya, Pandeglang Regency, Banten, Indonesia

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