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Property Location

Sabaragamuwa Province
Sri Lanka
Ratnapura, Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka
Panadura Nambapana Ratnapura Hwy, Dodampe, Kiriella
Property Description

This is land belonging to the highest noble rank in Sri Lanka, known as "Dela Bandara", according to the rules of Island you can lease this land for period of 99 years which the owner is happy to extend further after the period. The land is in the center of the Island where Gems are mined and most royals reside, the land is situated in hill region, and it has gem deposit on the lower region of the hill which could be used for mining if interested (Total size of the Area is 0.76 acres). Sri Lankan is known for the best Blue Sapphires in the world, you can find more information from National Gem and Jewelry Authority for gems common to area and Island also with land the right to mine on a common mining region near to land is given to buyer at no extra cost (to be decided at the discretion of the owner). PROCEDURE After initial talks with seller, you can visit the land for inspection and deciding on leasing the land. As the buyer you will have to find an attorney from the country to make the initial agreement on the land, then after making the full payment via bank transfer and upon receiving as to agreement the owner will sign the lease for 99 years. According to current laws both you and owner will be paying 1% taxes upon signing the deed. The country supports working on legal documents in English language please find an attorney for your convenience who can verify and support you with process as much as we do. NOT ALLOWED You are not allowed to visit or make any unauthorized interventions to this property, without informing the owner, at all times you should inform the buyer when visiting the estate who will come with you till the process is completed, you must not hire brokers or request to take anything within the estate. Any individual or parties carrying out unauthorized, uninformed activities will be punished with the maximum penalty applicable by the governing law. Please understand that these measures taken to provide a valuable and quality service to you while mitigating theft which sometimes happen due to the extreme value of these properties and gem value. You are free to do anything at your discretion once the deeds are completed over final verifications. CONTACT Name: Mr. Ranul Phone/WhatsApp: +94712216777 Skype: (live:.cid.49eaac1ec23a136e)!Am4TOsIerOpJbr0R-vhb5RO9Iws?e=BjlJ8i Please inform you are referring to this estate, also pre-auction bids are expected and early closure before auction is possible depending on your offer.

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Land for Sale in Ratnapura, Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka

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