Land for Sale San Luis, Provincia de Alajuela

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Land for Sale San Luis, Provincia de Alajuela. Photo#1
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Provincia de Alajuela
Alajuela Province
Alajuela Province
Costa Rica
San Luis, Provincia de Alajuela, Alajuela Province, Costa Rica


Beautiful and unique land. Located in Costa Rica country , Alajuela province in a place where pure water and nature bond, close to Tenorio volcano reserve and its literally named Blue River waters. This town is called Upala and belong to Alajuela province, it has being recognize true time for its resources, where nature is on the top of the list in hand with the incredible fertility of the soil. In this part of Costa Rica their are almost 8 months with regular rain pouring with all kinds of intensity. You can see forest, then pastures, then crops or all of them together. In specific this property sizes 543 acres , where 76 acres are pure quality pastures and the rest 467 acres are secondary forest in full and free growth. It has a public road crossing all the way through out the center of it . The property is very alive with all its boundaries well know and main fences well established , it has being actively rent to a low impact rancher that takes care of the land and maintains it in excellent conditions , running and ready to engage any kind of project. This land counts in its appeals with a half acre lagoon full of live that represents a attraction for wild life ( birds of all kinds , big mammals , cats , etc. ) , also a few springs that flow all year round. Their are 4x4 roads around the property, and a barn to hold herds. There is potable water, but no electricity , and only a old classic house infrastructure that needs to be repair. Roads to access the land come from two different towns , one of them for automobile and the other not so rough but mostly for 4x4 cars .Commodities as bank entities or others can be found as close as 25 min by car and more simpler necessities can be solve in San Luis town just a 10 min ride away from the land. The best asset of this special place is its reasonable price , that responds to the local market price and most important thing to mention is the energy of the land that invites to develop any kind of dream ,from a agricultural project, to a full nature reserve or just a land investment, it is just in the exact point to turn to either place. This is a Family own land , sold directly through the owners , ready to sign , willing to discuss a finance offer. God Bless and thanks. Manuel Q.


2.38 km2


manuel quiros

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