Land for Sale in Orotina, Provincia de Alajuela

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Alajuela Province
Costa Rica
Provincia de Alajuela, Orotina, Alajuela Province, Costa Rica

*For Sale by Owner Only* United States Contact: Alfonso Bueso-Ceciliano Email: Location: Orotina, COSTA RICA Area: 7136 square meters ( 76811.26 square feet) This unique one-of-kind gorgeous property is conveniently located in Orotina, Alajuela, about 20 minutes from beaches on the Pacific coast and 30 minutes from SJO Airport and San Jose. A few minutes away in Downtown Orotina, you will find a 24-hour health clinic, banks, supermarkets, veterinary, schools… The land lot has a beautiful Costa Rican-style 4-BR house and a guest house. The quiet environment as property does not immediately face the public road, the pleasant climate and the natural scenery will likely impress you. Interesting facts: the Costa Rican government has plans to build an international airport in the area and expand the railroad service passing through Orotina. Also, it is no secrete that Disney Land made a major land purchase in the area for future development. Wait no more! Contact me with any questions or to schedule a virtual viewing.


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Land for Sale in Orotina, Alajuela Province, Costa Rica

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