Land for Sale in Maria Chiquita, Playa La Angosta

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Maria Chiquita
Portobelo District
Colón Province
Playa La Angosta, Maria Chiquita, Portobelo District, Colón Province, Panama
Property Description

Build your magnificent dream home or profitable business overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Portobelo, Colon. This scenic ocean view land is available for immediate sale less than 1 hour away from Panama City, Panama. The property contains over 12 acres (4.9174 hectares) of untouched land between the mountains and oceans of Panama. You will find a freshwater stream flowing from the mountains that grow exotic fruit trees, spices and vegetables contained in this land. Connected by paved road along the coast, this property overlooks some of the most fantastic local beaches Panama has to offer. Located outside of the Portobelo National Park area, this property's zoning restrictions are minimal. Recent 2021 appraisal value of $737k available upon request. Please contact Chris for more information.

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Land for Sale
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4.44 ha
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Land for Sale in Maria Chiquita, Portobelo District, Colón Province, Panama

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