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Corozal District
Corozal District
Consejo Village Rd, Consejo, Corozal District, Belize

This ready to build lot is Located in the laid-back village of Consejo, which is at the end point of land where the Bay of Corozal and Chetumal Meets. Consejo Village is about 7 miles from Corozal Town where there are plenty of Shops, restaurants and necessary services. It is also about 2 miles across the water from the city of Chetumal Mexico. This Village is very quiet, peaceful and is a beautiful place for all residence and visitors to enjoy the serenity. Consejo Village is a place for individuals that are looking for pure relaxation and peaceful mind. Consejo Village is close to its neighboring private water front community Consejo Shores. This corner lot has firm ground and luscious green grass that does not require constant maintenance with approximately 105 square feet road frontage to the South and 70 square feet road frontage to the East. It also consist of a couple matured tropical coconut trees and edible fruit trees. The lot is located just a couple minutes walking distance to the sparkling Sea where you can go fishing. Consejo Village also has access to electricity services and we can help you with facilitating the installation of a water pump system which is cost efficient as this village doesn’t have access to Belize Water Services water. The Village also consist of couple restaurant and local mini shops. Contact us today if you’re looking for that special place to start building your dream home in a peaceful and amiable environment. Contact number 672-1478 or email us at


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Land for Sale in Consejo, Corozal District, Belize

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