Land for Sale in Ambato, Arosemena

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Ambato Canton
Arosemena, Ambato 180202, Ambato, Ambato Canton, Tungurahua, Ecuador
Zopozopangui, La Pradera, Parroquia Celiano Monge, Celiano Monge
Property Description

We are selling a property located in the city of Ambato, Ecuador. The property is very conveniently located at a short driving distance to the stadium, Estadio Bellavista, the shopping malls, schools, and the main centre of Ambato. The property is in a populated mountain. Please, be aware that the house is in poor conditions, you could either fully renovate or demolish the house at your own expense. We are selling the property for $80,000 USD. If you are interested, please give us a call or leave a message with your name and contact information and we will call you back. Call us at ‪(203) 903-4499‬ Here are the measurements and the address of the property: Location Sector La Vicentina, Parroquia la Matriz, Total lot area. 220.00 m2 Construction surface 65.80M2 Boundaries: North, Floreana Street, South Lots; 259; and West, Lot N 263

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Land for Sale in Arosemena, Ambato 180202, Ambato, Ambato Canton, Tungurahua, Ecuador

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