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Land for Rent 04480 Alcolea, Alcolea, Almería. Photo#1
Land for Rent 04480 Alcolea, Alcolea, Almería. Photo#2
Land for Rent 04480 Alcolea, Alcolea, Almería. Photo#3
Land for Rent 04480 Alcolea, Alcolea, Almería. Photo#4

04480 Alcolea, Alcolea, Almería, Andalusia, Spain
Los Filabres-Tabernas

Spectacular rustic property in the Alpujarra de Almería. South facing and located in a unique setting, Sierra Nevada Natural Park With an area of 45,641 m2 and 821 m2 built in various buildings, it is surrounded by spectacular views of the Sierras de Gádor and Sierra Nevada. It has its own water well (legalized) with a flow to supply the 700 m3 irrigation pond, which is embedded in the land, equipped with all the necessary facilities for drip irrigation of the entire farm and the different buildings it houses. The farm houses several constructions for the use and enjoyment of a privileged environment and constructions for agricultural use. EUR 395.000 taxes not included. More information


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Land for Rent in Alcolea, Almería, Andalusia, Spain

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