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Property Location

Kielce County
Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship
Zastawie, Bilcza, Nida, Kielce County, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Poland
Brzozowa, Gmina Morawica
Property Description

Film presenting the property: We offer you the purchase of the most beautifully situated property in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, one of the most beautiful in Poland. It is metaphorically immersed in the poetics of noble Poland, like in the idyllic Poland of the past centuries, in the midst of nature untouched by any symbol of modern civilization, as if a man moved back only 150 years, where deer, roe deer and wild boar ran his way. The property with an area of 76,000 m2 (7.6 ha) is included in the local spatial development plan as a construction area intended for housing construction. The offered plot is surrounded on three sides by forest, and on the fourth side it borders on the entire length the Czarna Nida River and the so-called the Chodcza watercourse, creating the impression of three converging rivers (the Nida turns there at right angle, hence the impression of three rivers joining). The property is located in Bilcza next to Piaseczna Górka and Bieleckie Młyny. Currently, construction plots in this fashionable area near the city of Kielce with beautiful residences are offered for approx. PLN 300 / m2, and after the second lane of the two-lane road from Kielce towards Busko has been handed over recently, it is forecast that plots in this area will still be more expensive. Due to the rising inflation, the prices of real estate are also rising rapidly, especially as charming as the one offered to you, unique in Poland and lost in the forest wilderness, without any civilization objects around in sight (houses, power poles, etc.). There is a possibility of landing helicopters on the property, and there is a two-lane road from Warsaw. The real estate buyer can build there the most beautiful housing estate in the Świętokrzyskie region, lost in the park, among the surrounding forests, by the river, or buy the land as a private property, because there is an inhabited, shingled manor, like Soplicowo from "Pan Tadeusz", and another building - residential, utility and garage, also in the poetics of a manor house, covered with shingles. In addition, there is a swimming pool, tennis court, two ponds, bridges over the river, alleys with lanterns, fountains, illuminated flower lawns made of sandstone, clusters of shrubs and flowers, park with unique trees and shrubs. The whole area has an underground irrigation distribution system with sprinklers and a barbecue and a smokehouse. In the evening, the illuminated property (including alleys and lawns) resembles a luxury resort. More photos on the website Total amount (7.6 ha of construction land with buildings and all the above-mentioned structures) - PLN 9,500,000. Attention! The interested person or company may separate a private part and a part for a housing estate or individual sale of plots, or a SPA hotel, a comfortable recreational center (the property is located near the famous castle in Chęciny, the "Raj" cave and ski slopes), a retirement center, rehabilitation or addiction treatment center. The property can be purchased together with antique, antique furniture, furnishings and appliances, original works of art, including paintings by outstanding Polish painters such as Wojciech, Juliusz and Jerzy Kossak, artifacts for an additional amount agreed in direct negotiations.

Property Info

Ad Type
House for Sale by Owner
House Area
577 m2
Lot Area
6.5 ha
Year Built
Parking lots
Last Update
4 months ago
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House for Sale in Nida, Kielce County, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Poland

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