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Nueva Esparta
+QGP, Juangriego, Marcano, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela
Calle La Marina, Calle El Fuerte, Urbanizacion Bahia de Juangriego, Capital Marcano

Charming and fully functional inn located one block from the Juan Griego beach, where the most beautiful sunsets of Margarita Island can be witnessed. It currently has 9 operative rooms, each with its own bathroom, executive refrigerator and TV with cable system. There are 6 additional rooms in the process of construction and one of these spaces could be used because of its size as a small apartment for reliable staff that will be in charge of the place or can be used as a room for families. It has a semi-industrial kitchen and dining room. Large side yard with Tropical plants. Water tank with a capacity of approximately 15,000 litres plus an additional tank of 2,500 litres located in the upper part of the property. All the water used in the inn is filtered since the main tank is located at the water inlet and a water filter has been installed there. At the moment the property is composed by two floors, but additional floors could be built or a solarium terrace could be added.


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House for Sale in Juangriego, Marcano, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela

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