Referral Program


Welcome to the Landelity Referral Program!

Join our referral program to receive new service benefits.

The Referral Program allows you to increase your account level by distributing and using promo codes among friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Increasing your account level, in turn, has a positive effect on all your ads, boosting them in search results.

The higher your account level, the higher your ad will appear in search results. Each ad will display an account level that will also be favorably evaluated by potential buyers.

An example of how it works

Mary decided to participate in the referral program and offered her promo code to her friend John.

John applied the Mary's promo code in his account, after which his account level was raised to 1.

Mary's account level is currently 0. After John added an active ad, Mary's account level has risen to 2.

For every new friend with active ads, Mary's account level will increase by 1.

The level of account is dynamically calculated based on the presence of friends' active ads.

Referral Program Rules

If a violation is detected, the account will be removed from referral program.

We wish you good luck and a high account level!

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