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DKG Development is a rapidly evolving company in the field of Real Estate – Development in Greece, staffed by a team of professionals that hold large experience in the field of real estate development and the sectors of design, construction, renovation, home management, business premises, tourist real estate, and industrial installations. More specifically, our team consists of experienced and qualified experts (real estate appraisers, civil engineers, architects, economists, lawyers, etc.), and works with leading professionals in various fields, in Greece and abroad. We undertake projects all over Greece, in direct or indirect cooperation with multinational companies and hedge funds, as well as with individuals.

syngrou 130 Avnue

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Apartment Area: 72 m2
Year Built: 2021
bedrooms: 2
bathrooms: 2
Apartment Area: 110 m2
Year Built: 1990
bedrooms: 3
bathrooms: 2
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